Who are we

Sponsoring orphans is an honor for us.

AHDANE is an association established on February 28, 2009, in Mohammedia. Its fundamental premise is to provide social assistance and sponsorship for orphans, widows, and children in precarious situations.

This is an opportunity to integrate the development of these individuals in an environment that highlights their skills and seeks to ensure their long-term financial independence.

Moreover, beyond the care of orphans, “Ahdane” Association targets widowed women for whom it has planned numerous actions, activities, financial assistance, and physical listening sessions for individuals experiencing nervous depression or stressful situations. Furthermore, it offers women cooking, pastry-making, sewing, and hairstyling classes. Widows can also benefit from literacy courses.

Since its establishment in 2009, the association has been advocating in the social and educational fields, carrying out occasional actions of support, education, and information. To do so, it relies solely on its board members and some benefactors. However, this observation does not limit the ambitions of the association. The association plans projects to be carried out with external partners in order to ensure stable resources for widows and orphans.

“Ahdane” is an example of a vibrant and evolving civil society. Innovative and supportive, several associations are developing and expanding the scope of their skills without relying on subsidies from local councils.

Our Activities


Orphans Sponsorship


School Support


Medical Assistance


Ramadan Food Baskets


Collective Iftar




Cold Winter


Eid Outfit

Our objectives

Assist and sponsor orphans within their family environments, as part of the Project: “Sponsoring Orphans within Their Environment. كفالة اليتيم في بيئته”

Aim for the social integration of the orphan through a range of educational, social, healthcare, and recreational activities and programs.

Facilitate mediation between the guardian and the family of the orphan.

Contribute to the civic education of orphans and instill in them religious, moral, and ethical values.

Combat school dropout among children as well as any form of material or sexual abuse.

Encourage gifted children to stand out and excel.

Sponsoring orphans is an honor for us.


Success stories of children from the association

On the occasion of my obtaining a master's degree with honors, I am pleased to dedicate this success to my second family, the Ahdane Association, which, without its support, I would not have climbed the ladder of success since my childhood. You were distinguished by your morals, so you were the best example and the best of parents, relatives, friends and fathers. Your pure hands have always been generous to us and your great souls have always been generous.


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